Prioritized Fields: Ab Taymour, Mansouri, Chengoole, South Pars Oil Field layer

Well Control; the 147th Well, Rag Sefid and the Naft Shahr’s 24th  Well


·   Evaluating causes and methods of controlling fluid kicks in oil and gas wells

·   Impact of human errors on oil and gas well blowouts

·   Modern methods of wells blowout control in oil and gas wells


Deep water, development of southern regions of the Caspian Sea and northern provinces of the country


·   Obstacles and development problems in deep water fields

·   Technologies used to develop deep waters oil fields

·   Investigating the field development agreement of the Sardar Jangal Field

·   Investigating the drilling process in the northern provinces of the country

Reviewing challenges and requirements for contracting these fields as prioritized areas
Reviewing the economically optimized models proposed for developing the fields

The models for choosing the appropriate development plan between the companies offering the proposal

Integrated Development of West Karun fields, challenges and Advantages

The challenges and advantages of developing common fields
Advantages and challenges of integrated development of the West Karun fields

Obstacles and problems of developing the “Azadegan oil field” as the largest field in the IPC’s contractual model

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