NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

Since 1951, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has been directing and making policies for exploration, drilling, production, research and development, refining, distribution and export of oil, gas, petroleum products.
NIOC, with a vast amount of oil and gas resources, is one of the world’s largest oil companies. At the present time, it is estimated that the company holds 156.53 billion barrels of liquid hydrocarbons and 33.79 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.
With advances in technology and increasing complexities of economic and political relations, NIOC has risen to a privileged status. Therefore, national and regional policies and cooperation with industrial countries in the provision in the supply of energy and stabilizing global oil markets are on the agenda of NIOC. On the verge of the fourth decade of the Islamic Revolution, oil industry workers have every reason to be proud of their achievements before the noble people of Iran, and they pride themselves on having learned the lessons of self-assurance and dignity.
NIOC, in accordance with Article 44 of the Constitution, gives authority to different sectors, while supervising oil industry activities. The company has taken major steps toward establishing business enterprises, funded financial resources for development, helped to update technologies for exploration, drilling and production with reliance on the knowledge of Iranian experts.
NIOC consists of seventeen production companies, eight technical service companies, seven managements, six divisions (administrative units) and five organizational units.


PUD Group (Parsian Upstream Development)

PUD, with a decade of soft business experience in Iran upstream industry, manages a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial activities, that provides businesses and consumers with compelling information, analysis, insight, and reports.
Our diverse portfolio is made up of five business units: PUD Information, PUD Event, PUD Media, PUD Education, PUD Branding.
We present you with precious information and analysis, hold successful events, executes, diversified workshops and trainings, and the age of information, keep our ever-growing global customers aware of the latest news in Iran.
With over a decade of experience in holding international events, PUD brands are quietly well-known for all stakeholders of upstream industry. The greatest upstream events of petroleum industry always bring the synergy, development and growth to the action. We always wanted to be the reason to gather all stakeholders, from top governmental to smallest companies together for future development of the region.

Title of the events that have been held:

  • International Iran drilling Congress and Exhibition
  • International Iran contracting development congress in Oil industry
  • Iran Exploration and Development Congress and Exhibition
  • Iran drilling services conference
  • Iran drilling fluids conference
  • Iran completion and work-over conference