Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)

Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), is one of the world’s largest offshore oil producing companies. with over a half century of experience. The Company shares one third of Iranian oil export, operating in Iranian side of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea .

The main operation area of Iranian Offshore Oil Company is the Persian Gulf where four other oil producing countries are located in the other side. Accordingly, Persian Gulf has been known as the world’s most oil-rich region where the exploration activities and oil and gas production are very attractive.

Five countries –Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates– totally possess 63 percent of oil reserves and 40 percent of natural gas reserves of the world. Persian Gulf as a strategic center of oil production plays a vital role in Islamic Republic of Iran’s oil export. Due to huge reserves of hydrocarbon, shared fields, border among the Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and the passage for a big part of the world’s energy, it shall be the major source of reliable oil supply, and requires close tie of the Islamic countries of the region with each other.

The motto of Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) as “Cooperation instead of Competition,” is a nobel idea that guarantees the national interests of the countries of the region. Specially those countries with shared oil and gas fields with Iran.

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PUD Group (Parsian Upstream Development)

PUD, with a decade of soft business experience in Iran upstream industry, manages a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial activities, that provides businesses and consumers with compelling information, analysis, insight, and reports.
Our diverse portfolio is made up of five business units: PUD Information, PUD Event, PUD Media, PUD Education, PUD Branding.
We present you with precious information and analysis, hold successful events, executes, diversified workshops and trainings, and the age of information, keep our ever-growing global customers aware of the latest news in Iran.
With over a decade of experience in holding international events, PUD brands are quietly well-known for all stakeholders of upstream industry. The greatest upstream events of petroleum industry always bring the synergy, development and growth to the action. We always wanted to be the reason to gather all stakeholders, from top governmental to smallest companies together for future development of the region.

Title of the events that have been held:

  • International Iran drilling Congress and Exhibition
  • International Iran contracting development congress in Oil industry
  • Iran Exploration and Development Congress and Exhibition
  • Iran drilling services conference
  • Iran drilling fluids conference
  • Iran completion and work-over conference